John Selman, Realtor, Broker, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree


Your home purchase is a very important decision.

John has moved, purchased, built and renovated extensively. He knows the process and wants to remove the pain.  You need an experienced Real Estate Broker like John, to represent you in your Home Search. “I love this calling. I pursued my broker’s license to distinguish my level of knowledge from the tens of thousands of agents out there. The details that are worrying, troublesome and tedious for you? That’s where I thrive.”

John will listen to your needs and discover how you want to live in a new home and identify what is most important to you as well as what things are negotiable depending on a homes other features.

Once John has a solid understanding of what you want, he puts himself in your shoes, and searches the available properties in the market for those that appear to fit your needs, previews those that best fit your criteria, and take you to view the best matches for your budget, taste, and lifestyle needs. His search will include both on and off-market properties, as well as those being sold by the owner. He will also look for those gems that are attractive in real life, but were poorly marketed, improperly priced, or actually appear to be horrible in MLS (poor photography or badly staged or composed pictures, inaccurate descriptions, etc.) and are still available, at a lower price.

He will help you analyze your choices, and will work with you to assemble the information needed to make an offer that is attractive to the sellers. And, he will guide you through every step of the purchase process.


You should never rely on the Listing Agent for that home you saw and liked, to get a better deal and look out for your interests. The Listing Agent actually have a fiduciary duty to the property’s sellers to get them the best price possible.

You need and should expect a lot more from the advocate on your side, and generally your agent’s fees as a Buyer are payed for by the Seller.

John and Coldwell Banker want to help you in your search and business dealings.


John is committed to finding the right property for you. He will explain all the services he offers his buyers in the exclusive Coldwell Banker Buyer Services Guarantee.


Before finishing school, John was renovating Valley properties, both residential and commercial to pay for college, managing a business with construction engineers who today build some of the country’s biggest projects. “To keep us on budget and on time, I did some of the dirtiest, toughest jobs there were: jack-hammering foundations, hanging drywall, floating floors, replacing aging bathroom fixtures, installing baseboards, removing popcorn ceilings. Have you ever hot-tar roofed in downtown Phoenix in August? I spread tar, and ran the crew. Since then, I have examined every neighborhood in Phoenix and Scottsdale for decades, and tracked the changes.”

As a Buyer, you need a trained Financial Analyst, Consultative Sales Expert, and a Real Estate Broker with an experienced eye for construction detail, who can understand your needs, identify matching properties, and shepherd you through this complex process. You also need an Experienced Businessman, and Experienced Negotiator to represent your interests.


John knows your time is important, your schedule is hard to change, and opportunity in Real Estate can be fleeting. Time is of the essence!

And John understands luxury lifestyle needs. With a decade spent meeting the food and wine life style needs of some of the wealthiest and pickiest individuals in the world, he has an expertise in entertaining, food, and wine, that is hard to match.


Coldwell Banker’s first expansion outside California was to Phoenix in 1952, and we know this market and have grown with it. In Phoenix, our designated broker has been instrumental in crafting the State’s standard contracts adopted by the Department of Real Estate and the Arizona Association of Realtors, that protect both the Buyer and Seller.