As a Home Owner, you need & deserve the best real estate and real-world business experience, marketing expertise & negotiation skills to close your property sale in the shortest time frame, at the best price, and make the process as smooth and trouble-free as possible.


That takes a great Plan that establishes the right price, and uses the right approach to gain the maximum exposure for your home. As a licensed Broker, John brings the market knowledge, and the financial acumen to consider all the variables for positioning your Home. That distinguishes him from the tens of thousands of part-time Realtors in the market. And that initial price is critical in selling your home for top dollar.


We have heard so many people say “I just want to try the higher price because I am not in a hurry, and we only need to find that one ideal Buyer”. John will explain to you why that strategy does not work, and will backfire.


In our market, if the homeowner sets the starting price significantly higher than the value the Market would place on the home, it doesn’t sell…but it’s worse than that. Not only will the Seller not receive offers, but as the “days on market” build up, Buyers assume that problems exist with the Home. In fact, the only “Problem” was a price that was out of touch with the market. However, in Buyers’ minds, they will fear that everyone values that home lower, and the final sale price will be much lower than it would have been with a market-based starting pricing.



The other key element to the Sale is exposure, and that is what John does best. Today’s Luxury Buyers are searching on-line, and if they are looking for a home similar to yours, we want yours to be noticed, and we use almost every available Real Estate site for exposure. Pairing John’s experience with the innovative, cutting-edge marketing tools at Engel and Voelkers, brings you to every Buyer’s attention.

John’s also blogs, emails, and alerts his network and contacts, and uses our Buyer programs to reach selected Luxury Home Buyers with print and electronic magazines, videos, messages, or blogs. These audiences include art, wine, and automobile collectors, yacht and jet owners, horse breeders and polo players, golf and tennis enthusiasts, and other interest groups.

John ensures that the focus is on your listing:

  • All his Luxury listings are featured in Engel and Voelker’s print and email blasts.
  • Thanks to John’s participation in The Valley’s leading tour groups, all listings are sent to, and personally introduced to the Valley’s Top Producers.
  • John’s listings on, Trulia, Zillow and other major sites, are ALL “Showcase Listings”, to give his clients increased visibility, exposure, buyers, & offers.


John tracks all his projects and responds instantly to Buyers and Sellers thanks to Engel and Voelker’s industry leading tools.

John loves what he and Engel and Voelkers bring to properties…the Showcase they deserve (and Rugby…if you want him in Listing Photos).


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