Caviar with your Valentine?

at Wholesale prices from Beverly Hills Caviar

Caviar with Blini and Crème Fraiche for Lovers:
(Required for a dozen blini: 40 grams Caviar (1.43 ounces-for those, not quite so sure about caviar try a smaller amount of caviar, more crème fraiche), 1/2 cup crème fraiche, 1 dozen pre-cooked Blini-Thawed.)
 *Heat blini at 300 degrees for 2 minutes on a non-stick baking sheet.
*Remove from oven
-Top each Blini with 1 heaping teaspoon crème fraiche
-Top crème fraiche with ½ to 1 teaspoon of caviar.
Order caviar, a package of blini and a Cowgirl Creamery crème fraiche directly from Beverly Hills Caviar-easy! Their Classic Ossetra is a great buy, and their Royal Ossetra is a well-priced splurge!

As a supplier to leading west coast retailers, they already offer the lowest prices and the best quality I could find (lower than Costco’s Holiday pricing), and there quality is top notch.
Beverly Hills Caviar ships free for orders over $500, using their Wholesale web-site pricing, to my clients.
OFFER CODE: johnsfreeship500        (expires Feb 31, 2014)
Use the offer code at checkout after creating your profile for shipping and wholesale pricing. 

If you think you will be a regular shopper, let me know, and I can request that they create a VIP account for you, with a small additional discount.Caviar

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